About Larmtjänst AB

Larmtjänst AB is a non-profit organization owned by Insurance Sweden. We work for the insurance companies to reduce insurance-related crime and to support insurance companies' investigation activities.

Our work

The main task is to reduce insurance companies' claims costs through operations to combat insurance-related crime and to recover stolen insured property.On behalf of insurance companies, Larmtjänst also has the task of establishing good contacts with government agencies and other organisations nationally and internationally, as well as with international investigators. This is important in order to:

  • In an operative cooperation, actively work to identify and recover stolen property
  • In different ways inform and train parties about crimes and the modus operandi of insurance related crimes

International cooperation

Larmtjänst have for many years built up an international network of contacts with Law Enforcement, organizations and private companies in order to assist the Swedish insurance companies in their international work. Our primary mission is to repatriate stolen goods that are seized by the Law Enforcement abroad, but we also assists with international investigations by casualty, health-care and travel claims.

Larmtjänst is member of several organizations that not only combats thefts of vehicles and boats, but also insurance fraud. We have also members of the board in IASIU, IAATI and GMI.

Larmtjänst is also member of ICRV (International Convention for the Recovery of Stolen Vehicles ) which is a subgroup to Non-Life Insurance department at Insurance Europe in Bruxelles.

Larmtjänst has on several occasions been doing training for police officers in foreign countries in order to increase their knowledge on the identification of suspected stolen vehicles and boats. 

 Tel +46 8 522 784 00, Fax +46 8 660 03 35

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